You must celebrate your accomplishments 🍾

Recently, I wrote about four pieces of advice from amazing women in my life.

One of those pieces of advice was from my good friend Courtney, who also happens to be the whole reason I do the 100-day challenge. 

The idea of that post was heavily inspired by her as well since she is constantly providing me with amazing advice and words of wisdom. 

In that post, I dove into something Courtney had said over lunch to me one day:

"Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small you may think they are. You need to take the time to stop, acknowledge and accept that you achieved something great."

She continued to explain that the danger of us not celebrating accomplishments leads to burnout. Feeling underappreciated or that you just need to rush on to the next task.

Take a step back. Breathe. Walk away from the computer or whatever device you're reading this one. 

Do it, do it right now. 

And think of something you've just accomplished, no matter how small. Maybe you got through three back to back meetings today, maybe you finally finished that big brief for your major project, or maybe you made it to that spin class you keep pushing off (shameless plug, check me out at Spinco Friday's at 4:30)

Whatever it is, acknowledge it, and celebrate it. You did it. You did something, and you don't have to rush on to the next thing just yet, take the time you need to really relish in that.

You can't wait for someone to give you that pat on the back you deserve. If you do, you may be waiting longer than you'd like... 

And do something for yourself! A facemask, your favorite takeout for dinner, or book that manicure you deserve

Also, cheers to Courtney, who celebrated herself today and took my suggestion to go to Nordik for the day by herself and cut off from the world for a bit to reflect on some amazing recent accomplishments. 

How will you celebrate your next accomplishment?

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