Four pieces of advice from amazing women.


I'm so fortunate to have so many amazing women in my life to shape the person I'm becoming. Over the years, I've not just shared smiles and shed some tears with them, but learned so much from them.

I was thinking the other day about some of the more memorable pieces of advice I've received from friends, that maybe at the time wasn't even necessarily an epiphany, but has stuck with me and I remember fondly.

Courtney: celebrate your accomplishments—no matter how small.

You need to take the time to celebrate a milestone or success, no matter how minor you may think it is. Acknowledge that you've completed something because that will move you forward towards your next mountain.

Lauren: be confident, and never put yourself down.

You are smart and know more than you give yourself credit. Almost all women do this, and she always called me out on it and helped me be more confident in myself.

Kim: go for what you want, the rest will figure itself out.

Don't back down from a challenge just because you're scared or uncertain—if you know what you want, go for it, make the move. 

Kait: if you don’t like Beyoncé, you’re not worth my time.

Fairly self-explanatory, but what this really means is to let people into your life who share your energy and values. Surround yourself with people who build you up.

What's the best advice you've ever received from a friend?

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