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Who is she? 

Caitlin has worked in tech and ecommerce for most of her career — growing up at companies like Shopify and Apple, she knows the transformative power technology can have on our lives and is a huge advocate for ways it can bring us closer together. 

Outside of career, she’s a spin instructor, world traveller, and cat mom. 

What can she speak to? 

  • The rise and evolution of ecommerce: early days at Shopify, brand values, and thriving on change. 
  • Building and growing community. Making big companies feel small. 
  • Awards programs and incentives for building brand affinity. Running the Commerce Awards and 4 years of Shopify Unite. How brands can activate their community through reward programs. 
  • The importance of partnerships: 
    • Collaboration over competition, and a healthy ecosystem. 
    • Paying it forward and leveraging your network. 

What’s her speaking experience?