You're Invited: Caitlin + Gary's 10 year Anniversary Party

You're here because you've made an impact on our lives over the last 10 years we've been together and we're so excited to celebrate with you!

  • If you have any issues with the form on mobile, please complete your RSVP directly here.

  • Please RSVP no later than April 19th.

  • Questions? Reach out to Caitlin or Gary.

FAQ 🙋🏻‍♀️

Is this party kid-friendly?

We love you. We love your kids. This party will be diaper-duty-free though. We kindly ask our guests to respect that 🙏

What can I bring? Do you have a registry?

Please bring yourselves — that's the most important thing to us. We don't need anything else ❤

I'm going to be travelling from out of town to attend, is there anywhere you recommend to stay?

We are so grateful you're able to come from out of town to attend! The Parlour venue is in the Wellington West area of Ottawa, there aren't many hotel options nearby, so we highly recommend looking at staying with friends or family, or checking out Airbnb options in the area. If you would like some suggestions for accommodation, just reach out to Caitlin.

Stay tuned for more details of fun optional events around this big party — like a spa day at Koena on Sunday and other fun local activities days before and after.