Admission Talk

Thank you so much for listening to my talk at Tito's conference Admission 2018 in Chicago, USA.

Takeaways ✅

Build Trust

  • There are people behind a product
  • Invest in authenticity.
  • Build trust, and early adopters move it forward.
  • Bind the ties, better users build a better company, everything moves up and to the right.
Friendly Leverage
  • Your brand advocates can do the work of 10x marketers.
  • A goal that benefits the people as well as the company.
  • We talk about the investment, and the product, and the channel — with very little investment, with a very high reward.
  • Satisfy the commercial need in a genuine way.
  • Biggest advocates provide the best and most honest feedback.
  • Can also be your greatest ROI — we use this feedback to help guide product decisions.
  • You can't achieve this beneficial feedback without opportunities that provide friendly leverage.

    Slides 👩🏻‍💻— available here.

    Quote ❞

    “Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple and it’s that hard.” — Danny Meyer

    We’re all in the business of events, and the biggest thing you can take away here is that events don't scale well, and you have to do things that will cost you — build programming and opportunities that enable trust, friendly leverage and feedback. It's never going to be easy, but it'll always be worth it.

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