Why be anyone but yourself?

I have to admit, when I try to get too serious, I start laughing.

I am not a serious person—that's not to say I can't get serious when the time calls for it, but I'm also the type of person who lightens the mood when things get too intense.

For my first spin class, there is a moment in the class after the weight track where I tried to get too serious. I know I can give great advice, but I was trying to deliver it in a way that wasn't my true authentic self.

I quickly changed the mood and went back to what I do best—have fun and be myself.

Too often we're trying to be someone else or impress someone else—why be anyone but ourselves? 

I also believe you're a reflection of the company you keep—stay away from energy vampires and those who put you down or don't help you reach your full potential.

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