What a waste ♻️


My friend Maxine is doing 100 days of recycling facts—and it's honestly extremely eye-opening.

It's scary to think about how much work we have to do to offset the waste and emissions we produce.

I’m not saying my one action will make any difference, and there’s still a lot wrong with the way we deal with waste in this world that we need to address, but you have to walk before you can run.

What am I going to try?

  • Trying to eat vegetarian as much as possible
  • I've taken on the sustainability captain role at our Creative Mornings chapter, to encourage all of our attendees to be a zero waste event.
  • Bring my own coffee tumbler to Starbucks
  • Bring my own tote bags to the grocery store.

What could you do to cut back on your carbon footprint?

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