This meeting could have been an email: and other workplace pains

Let's outline some of the most annoying work habits and bad practices we see all the time at any office:

Spelling your name wrong in an email.

Replying directly when you've purposely cc'd people to be included in the loop.

Hey Lynda,  Looping in George and Jeff again to this response. Please click the 'Reply-all' icon moving forward.

When you say you'll all pitch in for a co-workers birthday gift and no one pays you back.

When someone emails you with the only context in the email being 'Can we get on a call right now?' 

No, Brenda, we can't get on a call right now because

1. I have no idea what this call is in regards to and most likely can be sorted via email, and,

2. This is 2019, I don't have a landline, I don't give my cell number to strangers, and I don't have time to reserve the conference line so please just tell me what it is I can help you with.

When someone clearly came into the conversation asking all their stupid questions without catching up on any of the context or earlier conversation.

When people ask me what I do here or sound surprised when they find out I'm actually doing things.

When people ask me to take on another project.

And at the end of the day ...


 Any workplace peeves I missed?

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