A thank you note.

Almost a year ago today, I emailed a thank you note to someone:

It's rare that you can connect on that level with someone through any kind of spontaneous small-talk conversation. 

I'm so grateful for this particular moment. While in passing it may have seemed a small gesture of motivational grandeur, this thank you note turned into a truly amazing friendship and I'm so grateful for this chat in passing that lead to 2x 100-day projects, my spin instructor career and many more accomplishments to come.

(please don't ever start charging me for your coaching services 😂)


I also have to thank this girl. I can't even start with her...

Courtney is a guiding light for me. She is one of the most loyal, loving and charismatic friends I've ever had in my life. I am so grateful for her, she is both an inspiration and a fire under my ass. 

She sees the world in such a magical way — I strive for her positivity and charm in every aspect of my life. She helps me wash away my woes and let go of my negative energies. She's the sun to my moon.

I also have to give credit to the amazing human I call my partner in life and love, Gary Mellow. Somehow I also had time to start an Instagram account for him while I focused on this too. 

He's always believed in me, always pushed me, and always been there through better or worse through it all. He's watching me finish this second last post as I type and he's looking forward to seeing me accomplish this milestone. 

My mom always taught me growing up to send thank you cards, and I carry those values of appreciation with me everywhere I go.

This is a thank you note to everyone reading this. Thank you to everyone who shared a personal thought in passing, a word of encouragement in conversation or a lifetime of friendship. I'm forever grateful to you all. xo

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