The perfect work wife does exist

The last week I've had the absolute pleasure to spend with an amazing community of owners, thinkers, and doers — I'm still slowly coming down from the high of it all.

But the one person who understands this more than anyone else I know is Kim Fleming, the work wife.

This past week I've been too busy to plan the full flower basket & card this woman truly deserves.

But on my way home from one of the events, I started to write this poem about her and wanted to share it here:


Kim used to swim.

And even now, she still makes you “wow”

She’s funny and sweet and someone you’re lucky to meet.

She’s off to London, but the past few years won't be undone.

She is one class act, and we’ve made a pact.

To stay in touch, which isn’t too much.

Through thick and thin, I try my best to make her grin.

We all need more Kim, sink or swim.



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