The highs and lows of event life.

Working in events, you have to always prepare for the unexpected. And even then, pivot when unforeseen obstacles come your way.

But that all goes to say that there is true magic around any gathering and sharing a moment with other people who have a similar interest or common thread.

I've always said I feel energized when I'm hosting an event. I'm not the type of person who is comfortable in the 'back of house' space, I need to be out with the attendees, getting to know them, why they came and how we can help meet their expectations.

That isn't to say that it can be tiring and thankless a lot of the time. 

I always need a few days to unwind and come down from my event high. It's quite impossible how someone in events can trick their body into working 12+ hour days, entertaining, problem-solving and still get up and do it all again the next day.

There are highs and lows — the excitement and energy you feel from it all, and then coming down from it and finding yourself back in a routine, until the next time.

I always get super low a month before the event and the 2 weeks after an event, it's like clockwork.

But the lows are worth the highs. Every time.


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