The power of accountability: tell people, do things.

At Shopify, you’ll often hear the phrase do things, tell people. So many people in the company are doing amazing things, but it’s important to tell people what you’re up to so they can understand the impact you’re making and why it’s important you’re doing what you do.


However, I’m a firm believer in the reverse of this phrase: tell people, then do the things.

Last year, I learned the power of commitment — building habits is hard, but committing to something is the first step to making it a natural part of your routine. Do you know what is the easiest way to commit to something? Tell someone.

Seriously, there are so many times last year I would have bailed on an idea I had, had it not been for the accountability of telling so many people I was going to do it, that well, I guess I just had to do it.

Tell at least three different people what you plan to do.

I swear by this power of accountability, because the next time you see those people, they will ask you about your progress.

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