Six reasons I don't hate the six anymore.

I was born in Toronto, I lived there until I was 5 and my parents decided to move to Millgrove.


I never really liked Toronto as a city, visiting my dad downtown would kind of scare me sometimes as a kid — it was dirty, loud and a bit obnoxious.

Recently, I've had to be here a lot for work recently and feel like I've started to see this city from a totally new perspective.

Here are six of the reasons I don't really hate on the six anymore:

1. The food & drink.

I mean ... self-explanatory, but I've never had a bad meal in Toronto and some of my favorite restaurants are here now.

2. Everything is always open and available and accessible.


While NYC is still the city that never sleeps, things stay open here much later than Ottawa.

3. Support local more and more.

It's easy to support local business, there are so many local shops and businesses in all parts of town.

4. Those lake views though...

I ran the Lululemon 10K this morning and was completely blown away by the gorgeous lakeside views you don't really get when you're in the center of the city.

5. You can fly almost anywhere from Toronto.

While I always brag about Ottawa airports super short security lines, you can fly almost anywhere from Pearson—also, flying into the Billy Bishop island airport is always a fun and scenic time.

6. The people.

Home isn't a place it's where the people are. Toronto is home to so many of my friends and family — you never know who you're going to be able to connect with again when you're here.

And even though it's Toronto VS Everybody, there are some really amazing and friendly people here.


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