Six little life hacks

Over the years I feel I've gained a bit of wisdom into how this weird world works and wanted to share some of that with you today. A large majority of these probably resonate with my lady-friends first and foremost, but I also know a fair few gentlemen who could probably pick up a thing or two:

1. Men's razors are always better than women's razors. Don't get drawn into that pinky fluffy branding, grab the Gilette Fusion.

2. Did you accidentally tunnel your candle? Buy a few extra candle wicks from a craft store and melt down the candle in your oven and replace new wicks into the wax to get the most out of your candle experience.

3. Too poor for a Lush bath bomb? Grab some Epsom salts, coconut oil, and a few drops of essential oils — just don't grab your camera for the Instagram pic because it won't look like the mermaid bath bomb of your dreams.

4. Looking for a way to spice up your rental but don't want the hassle of painting? I live by my fake brick walls and this particular brand.

5.  Always always always pack a water bottle and a facemask with you when you travel. Airports and any travel terminals are always very dry and it's so important to hydrate.

6. THINX underwear & diva cups or stringless tampons. Just do it.

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