I knew a girl in university who had a tattoo on her wrist. She told me it meant 'shameless' in Chinese characters. Apparently, she got some weird looks from it, because the direct translation meant something more taboo than what she was going for.

I always joke that I have no shame. You can't easily embarrass me (I'd like to think).

When I say 'shameless' I mean without fear of others opinions.

The direct translation is:

shameless: (of a person or their conduct) characterized by or showing a lack of shame.

I wouldn't say I 'show' a lack of shame, but shame can be brought on by the fear of other people's opinions of you festering in the way you conduct yourself. 

I recently posted this on my Instagram story, and I mean every word of it: 

To me, this means living life without the influence of others and not letting others shame you to conform to an ideal. Are you a character in their story or the lead character in your own?

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