Selfies for self-conscious people.

selfie - n. a picture that you take of yourself especially by using the camera on your smartphone

When have you ever taken a selfie and the first time it's been the one you love most? That's like saying the first person you dated was 'the one' for you. 

There's always a few attempts—find that perfect lighting, the proper tilt of the head, hair coiffed just right. 

But it also paints a picture of how critical we are of ourselves—I don't like my smile in this one, my hair isn't right, too many wrinkles. And then we paint over our truth with a filter.

For every self-conscious thought you have about your selfie, here's what I say to that:  

  • It won't always turn out how you picture it.
  • Embrace who you are, every crinkle and wrinkle.
  • Filters are fun, but a friendly face is flawless.

And sometimes it's just fun to look back on it.

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