Every morning, I make my bed.
It helps me set an intention of accomplishment for my day because it's the very first thing I do and mark off my list—it's also nice to come home to a made bed rather than a pile of sheets and pillows.
It's a great morning ritual.
I also had a friend I worked with in the past who had a home office and worked completely remotely, and he had a special pair of shoes that he would put on when he went into his home office room, and when he was done work for the day, he'd close the door and take them off.
That was his ritual for turning off from a day of work and compartmentalizing his home time from his work time.
Recently, my coach told me I had to do the same thing. I need a ritual that will help me turn off from work for the day.
She said it could be as simple as closing my laptop and saying `good night laptop` — but then I had to explain to her that I need my laptop to write for my blog.
So what is it? What can I do to shut off from work and flip my mindset into relaxation?
My new ritual I'm going to try is to play music or a podcast as soon as I'm ready to unwind, not looking at any screens for a few songs or a few minutes.
Do you have a ritual?


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