Pregnancy dreams.

Does anyone else get pregnancy dreams?

The last few nights I've had the oddest sorts of pregnancy dreams. 

I had to look it up, why was I having these recurring dreams? 

I found this article, that explained the following: 

pregnancy dreams often symbolize the dreamer's relationship with their creativity. So, in your dream you might be physically pregnant, but that could point to an idea or project that's been gestating in your mind IRL.

This makes complete sense, I have been struggling with letting my creativity out recently, letting it fester and grow until I think it's ready to share with the world.

It went on to say: 

Whether you're preoccupied with a new project, the prospect of having children, or a nebulous concern over your personal life, you're facing a shift in your life (or at least the idea of it) and your subconscious may be saying it's time to reckon with that.

I've never been good with accepting change. From the first day of school to a new job, I don't remember these times fondly, I remember them vividly though.

Even the slightest shift of occupation or routine can throw me for a loop. Which goes to say, I also resonated strongly with this analysis too:

feeling confused or even upset by this kind of dream could suggest that you no longer feel in control of that area of your life.


The weirdest part of the dream at this point was that in the dream, people were telling me they didn't know who the father was — it seemed I was living many different lives—which I like to think doesn't mean at all that I'm unhappy in my current relationship but more that I have many different ideas and creative thoughts in my head right now that could shift my entire life.

I love analyzing my dreams because I think it helps make me feel more present. Or, maybe the only reason I'm dreaming about this is that I watch too much Handmaid's Tale ...

Do you ever try to analyze your dreams?

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