Nine reasons the '90s were perfection.

 This whole week I've been listening to Britney's song Stronger on repeat—there's something about '90s pop music that not only gives me nostalgic feels but more hype than caffeine.

I started reminiscing over the '90s and the decade I was fortunate enough to grow up in and collected a list of nine reasons the 90s were perfection:

1. Furbies talking at night in the closet was the scariest thing and not AI advancing like when your Alexa laughs to herself. 

2. Puka shell necklaces could help you easily identify the douche bag in the group.


3. You could tell a friend had just come back on vacation because of their new hairstyle.

4. Nickelodeon was your only plan later that day.


5. Friends taught us to dream big—you could have a low wage job and a massive apartment in Manhattan.

 6. You were so excited to get invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's Costume/Camping/Fashion party—now you only get invited to friend's weddings.

7. The only responsibility you had was not to kill your Tamagotchi

8. The only thing you chased was waterfalls

9. And the world had more spice to it 


Take out your gel pen and write down your favourite part of the '90s.

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