My never-ending list of things to do in NYC

❤️NYC. It took me 26 years to discover the magic in my backyard. I will never forget my first time emerging from Penn Station, and marveling at the golden sunlight reflecting off the steel beasts lining the city streets.

The city is alive and always recharges me in a way that makes it feel like anything is possible.

I love that I will never be able to explore all of it, and love finding new places to eat, drink and explore. I've started a list of some of the best places I've been so far and the places I still have to go — send me your recommendations!

✅= places I've been

Shopping 🛍


Outdoor voices



✅And Other Stories



Patsy's pizza


Shake Shack

By Chloe

Wild pizza

Mimi Chang’s dumpling house

ABC cosina

Friend of a farmer

Lady Jays

Oscar Whildes

Milk bar

La Esquina

Russ and daughter



Death and co





✅The Dutch


Egg Shop


Drinks 🍻

Dead Rabbit

✅ The Blind Barbour

Public Rooftop

Please don’t tell


Sweat 💦

Soul Cycle


Barry’s boot camp

Y7 yoga


Toursity 🏙

Bike through Central Park

✅Walk the High Line

Comedy Cellar

 Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

✅High tea at Bergdorf Goodman's 7th floor restaurant

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