My long-term relationship with Ottawa.

10 years ago this year, I moved to Ottawa.

I could count the number of people I knew in the city on one hand, and I was a freshman on campus at Carleton.

I was honestly terrified. I grew up in a very small town, trying to make new friends and find my new routine was overwhelming. It took me years to discover who I was, but I'm so grateful for it. 

I stayed here every summer, working odd jobs, building a life here, making friends, losing friends, and I found my place in this new life.

I was out for a run this morning in Major Hill Park and it hit me that I am so proud to call this place home. 

Ottawa has a bad rep for being a boring city—and our winters are also brutal. But I'm here to tell you they aren't looking hard enough. This city is rich with culture, history and natural beauty. 

Sometimes I think about leaving, I get that itch to explore a new space, build a new routine. Then it's days like today I'm forever grateful to continue finding myself in this amazing place.


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