How to be less obsessed with your phone 📱

Have you ever been in a large group and slowly you look up and everyone is on there phone? It’s almost like a domino effect, one person brings it out and then everyone stops talking and starts screen staring. 

Aside from being rude in a nice social gathering, it’s also just really hard on your eyes to stare at your phone for so long.

Some things I do to stop the obsession:

  • Screen free after nine-fifteen
    • I set an alarm at 9:15 PM every day to try to use that as the cut off time for any more time on my phone. 
  • Turn off your data
    • Cut off your data so you don’t get unnecessary app notifications while you’re outside of wifi
  • Call your friends out on being on their phone
  • Keep your phone far away from bed
  • Turn off push notifications 

And live more in the moment and less on the screen  


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