How training to be a spin instructor changed me.

I've often joked with friends that training to be a spin instructor is like preparing for the Beyoncé Olympics — you have to always be on, high energy, making your music come to life and empower a room of people to feel completely connected to an experience.

I've learned so much through the process and the lessons I've learned I take into everyday life. It's made me more resilient, humble and honestly happier. I've learned you can be flawless and vulnerable at the same time. You can be open to feedback and work through it.

It is your journey, and no one else's.

Don't feel defeated if you can't get something right or if someone is progressing faster than you. It's your journey, and no one else's to dictate.

You have to go at your own pace and never let distractions affect your progress. It's made me a stronger, more resilient person when it comes to feedback and expectations. Let it motivate you, let it fuel you.

It's never as easy as it appears, but the hardest part is getting starting.

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