Why you should make decisions that terrify you

Do you know that adrenaline feeling you get in your gut right before you're about to do something that terrifies you?

It's one of my favorite feelings.

Before your first roller coaster trip, even before the first flight I ever took alone, there's a rush 

It's also those moments you remember most vividly.

You will never remember the mundane, but you will remember the leaps of faith you took or the challenges where you pushed yourself over the edge—sometimes quite literally.

I have a fear of heights, so on our trip to Costa Rica, when everyone was jumping off the rocks above the waterfalls, I said I wasn't interested. Of course, I ended up regretting it—why couldn't I just give it a try?

Our tour guide made note of that and the next time there was an opportunity for me to test my fear of heights, she made me take it:

 And I'll never forget that moment.

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