Gifs to get you through tough conversations.

I love gifs. If I could use only gifs to communicate with people I would. Maybe it's because I'm very visual and would rather watch a movie than read the book ... but a good gif can be just what your discussion needs. 

They can cut the tension, lighten the mood and honestly are just a lot more fun to see in a conversation than a pile of words.

Here are some of my favorite gifs to sprinkle into chats and what, in essence, they mean to me:

I need something from you.


Everything is on fire and it's okay.


Uh oh, I fucked up.


I'm ready to not be here anymore.


Please, I'm literally begging you.

I'm very busy.


I'm still very busy.


When someone makes a really bad decision.


When someone makes a really bad decision Part 2


Don't let me stop you.

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