Fitness is a mindset, not a body type.

A healthy lifestyle isn't a number on a scale.

And being fit isn't a waist size.

Not that long ago, I wrote about finding your sweat life — and that's exactly what it is, a way of life — I'm not saying no to donuts to maintain my weight or working out more to burn off that pizza.

Try to stay away from goals associated with numbers:

By Sept 20 I will be 130 pounds.

I will lose 3 inches off my waist

I will go to 7 workout classes this week

These are not healthy goals, they focus too much on a goal 'number', which is also arbitrary because you could be building muscle, you could be retaining water weight, there are so many things that can affect your numbers. To double something is also to increase by 200% — don't hold yourself accountable to a number, hold yourself accountable only to how you feel.

Set goals you can obtain and build on:

  • I will cut out coffee and opt for green tea today
  • I will try to avoid carbs today because I'm feeling fatigued
  • I will walk the long way to work today

Take it from someone who is ridiculously self-conscious of her flabby bits, it's not easy. It takes time to build habits, start rituals and change your mindset to focus on goals that can help you grow into a better, healthier human.

PS. this is also why I don't own a Fitbit or any fitness tracker for that matter!


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