Finding motivation in a sea of distractions.

I'm having a really hard time writing today. I had a few different ideas I've been thinking about writing on, but something about today has me feeling off and not able to hammer out a complete thought.

I could blame it on the rain or the lack of sleep, whatever it is, writer's block is stalking me today. I think it's also a case of the Sundays—the one day I try to dedicate to doing absolutely nothing to recharge all my necessary energy for the week ahead.

Already 5 times I've distracted myself just writing this sentence. For better or worse, I'm going to get through this post and what better way than by listing off some of the ways I actually move past distractions?

  • Set a timer and focus on what you need to do for at least 7 minutes before you give yourself a break—you'll find you may not really need the break after all.
  • Block out distractions—television, phone, multiple browser tabs, all can go away and only focus on what you need to do.
  • Change your scenery—set yourself up with everything you need in a space that gives you the energy you need.
  • Set a clear reward for yourself for when you finish the task.
  • Keep someone (or something like a #100DayProject) holding you accountable to do it no matter what your excuse.
  • Just start, and accept that it won't be perfect, but you can fix it later.

After all that, hopefully, you'll feel like this:


How do you focus when you're feeling unmotivated?

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