Examples of Canadians being too nice.

Yesterday, we were at a bar, sitting at a table near the front door. These guys next to the front door kept hitting an accessibility sensor that was making the door open, constantly, and as a result, let in a rush of cold air every time. 

No one at our table wanted to say anything, they kept electing me as the best person to approach them and ask them kindly to move.

Eventually, I caved and figured I'd walk over, introduce myself, and explain that their rear ends were positioned in a non-optimal spot for us.

These lovely gentlemen apologized profusely and moved right away.

"Sorry, didn't mean to be causing an inconvenience'

'Sorry, didn't mean to bother you and make you move'

'Sorry we didn't realize sooner'

They also joked and said our conversation was typical Canadian standup.

Why are we always sorry?

The pure fact that when someone bumps into me on the street, and I'm the one who apologizes still blows my mind. 

Maybe we're just too respectful of others?

Whatever it is, I'm still a proud Canadian and love that 'sorry' is a frequently used word in my vocabulary.


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