Every business idea I've ever had 💡

When I was little I would pick wild raspberries from our backyard. I wanted to start my own jam company. I quickly realized after smashing the berries together that jam needed a lot more sugar than my mom was willing to hand over to an 8-year-old.

Since then I’ve had a series of different ideas that have never come to life, but wanted to share some of them here:

Chicks and sticks. Can’t decide between the grilled cheese and the Mac and cheese? Why not both? Create your own deep fried shish kebob. Ideal for drunk nights after the bar or those hangover mornings.

Uncorked Apparel: Yoga and wine inspired apparel with cute play-on-words sayings like Merlot is my mantra

Craftin' It: A creative space with crafter-noon ideas for you and your friends with examples and tutorials for crafts that support sustainable methods and reuse household items.

Le Sac Dress Shop: Custom harem rompers you can dress up or down.

It has pockets! A seamstress business where you can drop off your favorite dresses/rompers/pants and have custom pockets added to them.

Flandels: Flannel sandals. A Canadian twist on a summer favorite.

Any great business ideas you'd like to share?
Or maybe you'd like to help me get started on one of the above?


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