Easier said than done.

Does anyone else have issues following their own advice?

I feel I give really good advice but take issue following it myself.

My mom and I have always had issues around this. I try to bring logic and sense into her thought process and I always get the “ it isn’t that easy” or “it isn’t that simple”

And I respect her for it because she’s right. I don’t have context into what she’s going through. I'm only seeing the situation from my perspective, with my particular blinders only showing me the clear path I see ahead of me.

The next time you’re thinking about giving advice or feedback to someone, think about how you can approach that conversation from a place of awareness and honest ignorance.

  • Use “the story I tell myself”
  • Don’t give advice you wouldn’t follow yourself.
  • Try to give specific feedback, not just general “you can do anything you put your mind to” advice.
  • Also, follow your own advice. Sometimes the words of wisdom you bestow upon others are better said and reminded to yourself.


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