The credits to your life.

If your life was a movie, who would show up in the credits?

I asked this question to myself a little while ago, I think it honestly came to me when I was watching the Oscars. 

Even better, maybe your life is a TV show—what is going on this season?

I decided to break it down and how I would interpret identifying the credits to my season, and here's what I've got:

    • Director: who or what controls your artistic and dramatic direction?
    • Writers: who or what do you feel is helping to narrate your journey—who is guiding you along?
    • Producer: who or what is helping to keep you on-track right now?
    • Lead Cast: who or what are the main characters around you?
    • Supporting Cast: who or what do you have in your life but maybe on a less frequent basis?
    • Cinematographer: who or what has the most influence on how you see yourself in this world?
    • Editor: who or what is showing you where you can improve?
    • Costume Designer: where are you drawing your fashion inspiration from?
    • Music Composer: who or what is creating the rhythm and tone in your life?
    • Casting Director: who or what is influencing the people you bring into your life?

 If I was to build my studio series based on this understanding, my 2019 season would look a bit like this:

  • Director: Me
  • Writer: Courtney & my 100-day project
  • Producer: Kim
  • Lead Cast: Gary, Maxine, Kim, Jeff, CJ the cat. 
  • Supporting Cast: Mom & Dad, Sam, Kait, Mary, Jill, Ash, Andrew, Karti & Mo, my amazing coworkers
  • Cinematographer: Gary — sometimes Mom & Dad come in for artistic direction.
  • Editor: UVU fitness & Spinco 
  • Costume Designer: Athleisure clothing & companies
  • Music Composer: My Spinco team
  • Casting Director:  Creative Mornings & my spin classes open me up to more smiling friendly faces.

 Who would you acknowledge in the credits to your life so far?

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