Body like fire. Mind like water.

I was in a spin class recently, and I had this overwhelming epiphany wash over me.

We are so often told our body and mind are connected, and we have to take care of both to have a balanced life.

I think of my body like fire: I can feed it, and that energizes it. I can push and grow my fire—and it spreads. My fire is receptive to challenges when I push it beyond its limits, becoming stronger after every obstacle.

I think of my mind like water: it is fluid, always moving. Flowing around obstacles, eroding away at everything life throws at me.

Your mind needs time to quiet and settle, otherwise, you run the risk of rapids and overflowing.

But your body, it is fueled by every new challenge that comes it's way and only gets stronger after you continue to push beyond your abilities.

Too often I treat my body like water and my mind like fire.

Mind on fire.

I push myself too hard, and then I breakdown. I keep feeding my brain challenge after challenge and I feel like I'm drowning.

Body becomes water.

If you don't care for your body, give it the right energy, the right reset points, then your body becomes a complacent puddle.

Your mind isn't built to burn constantly. Just like your body won't ever be able to carry you the places you want to go unless you challenge it regularly.

Give your mind the tranquility it needs to still—and don't forget to light the fire in your body as often as you can—so you can burn brighter and swim longer.


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