Are you in a state of wonder ?

This month's Creative Mornings topic was Wonder.

This morning, I watched Marlene Power give a really inspiring talk about how nature and children can bring wonder in our everyday lives. 

She spoke about forest schools — I had never heard of them before, but it's where you teach children outdoors, nature becomes momentum and driving factor in their natural education and curiosity.


An example she shared, was when during a forest school session, many of the students noticed some eagles flying above, which is fairly irregular for the Ottawa wilderness, so they followed the eagles and found a dead deer. It prompted a memorial for the deer and a conversation about life and death.

Another story, a child found a large stick while they were out to play, and when they held up the stick, the teacher prompted them with a story:

"I once found a stick just like that! And you know what I did with it? I took it, and I built a bridge. What will you do with that stick?"

We often forget how important that wonder mindset is—that anything is possible. And nature is a great teacher for this.

We focus so much on indoors and forget the beauty in the natural world.

I left in a state of wonder and it reminded me so much of my childhood growing up in nature, running through the forest, picking berries, climbing trees, rolling in the dirt, and watching red-winged blackbirds fly through the swamp.


Keep a state of wonder in your lives. Don't forget natures teachings and the almost unlimited possibilities that come with that.

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