An email thread with mom & dad

My parents don't text, but they email me as if it were a text ... I wanted to share this recent thread:

Me: I don't think we'd make it the cottage on Friday since it's my spin class that night, it may be too dark to drive through the moose infested Algonquin Park

Dad: Moose infested….that was pretty funny dear…it made me chuckle!
Me: I'm glad you found it a-moosing
Mom: OMG, Honey! You are DEFINITELY a “chip off the ol’ block!” Daddy’s “block," by the way.
Dad: I am now going to call her Deer!!!!
Me: Oh deer ... I moose stop this at once.
Mom: You too are INSANE!
Me Don't you mean `you two are insane`? Too = too much of something. Have you had too much of my jokes? Or is it the combination of the two of us that is too much for you? I am also my mother's daughter ;)
Mom: Have you been taking advantage of the new Cannabis Law, Honey?
I had to get on a call with her to clarify what she meant by that, and she confirmed she thought I was being crazy, so thought I was high—I still don't understand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Mom and me on Facetime.

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