Let's talk travel (finally)

In 2019, I wanted to start a community for women who love to travel, to share their experiences, advice and maybe even a few adventures together.

Starting with Facebook, I was ready to share with a few close friends just to gauge interest and start chatting about the places we've been, what we recommend for any of us looking to get out of town.

Then we dove head first into 2020, and I didn't see that coming.

😷  ↔ 😷


With no travel to look forward to, it felt silly to continue to try and bring a community together to talk travel.

We all found ways to safely live again in this world, and have slowly started to return to domestic and even international travel.

What is the purpose of this travel community? 

They say, birds of a feather flock together 🕊 that's what this community is. A safe place for women to chat about their plans and experiences flying around the world. 

  • Where are the best places to migrate over the winter months?
  • How can you keep on budget so you don't end up with a large goose egg in your bank account at the end?
  • Where are the best hotels or house sharing locations to roost in?
  • Tips and tricks for packing, flying and trying to snag that upgrade.

And anything else you want support on when it comes to your next adventure.

How does this community gather?

For now, Facebook.

In the future? In-person, through Zoom meetups, and more.

What are the rules of engagement?

Like I said, bird of a feather flock together — this community is for women— our definition of women including but not limited to womyn, non-binary and trans—who appreciate travel and want to experience more of the world.

It is a safe place to ask questions about getting there, staying there, and exploring everywhere you want to go.

We ask that all members: 

  • Contribute by asking and answering any questions members have about exploring new locations on their ever-growing list.
  • Sharing with us who you are and why you love to travel, including recommendations of places you've been.

Until then, see you in the skies 🪶